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9/11 Tribute

Hello Friends! We always want to Share this song and video, “MY Name is America,” no matter what time of year, and we do! But this year Todd has been asked to share it as part of a Tribute show in Connecticut that benefits CT firefighters/EMS and police benevolent fund. We just wanted to share it today as a small way to honor those lives lost on that September 11th day, twenty years ago. We also dedicate it to the 13 heroes just lost. Please keep their families in your prayers. Feel free to forward this email or share the video! God Bless you and America. We love you, Todd and Angel

Here is the video for My Name is America:

Oh, and if you cannot make it to the Connecticut show, they’ve told us purchasing a ticket anyway still helps, as it all goes to the Firefighter/ems police benevolent fund. Thank you so much! Click here to see ticket info: Middlesex Hospital Vocal Chords 20th Anniversary Tribute to September 11, 2001 | The Bushnell We are going to try to Live stream the Tribute Saturday 9/11 at 2pm eastern via Todd’s Facebook.

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