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Busy Season Starts, Climbing Charts, Warriors

Hello Friends!

Still a lot happening!  Thank the Lord for keeping our heads on straight! 🙂 HAHA!

DVD’s and SATB Sheet Music as well as CD’s and Solo Sheet Music are now available at!  Visit our store there to order your copy today!  We also have special pricing  for bulk orders of 30 or more if yo would like to sell merchandise at your event!  Contact us through today!

My Name Is America” is still on radio stations world wide and continues to build in views on Youtube!  It is now over 374,00 views!  It is so good to see Americans unite and stand Proud of our troops and country.  It stayed at #3 on the New Music Weekly Indie Country Chart.  It moved up to # 8 on the New Music Weekly Main chart.  As many of you know, it hit #1 on the Indie World Chart already this year!Country Main ChartPublication Date: Apr 20, 2012Last Week PositionThis Week PositionArtist – Song (Label)This Week SpinsSpin Trend + –Last Week SpinsThree Week SpinsStation CountAverage SpinsAddsWeeks11RASCAL FLATTS – Banjo (Big Machine/Universal)  ♦2112+63204920095836.91332CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Good Girl (Arista/RLG)  ♦1875+64181117375832.8663CHRISTINE VAN HOY – Happy Town (Big 7)

1476+26145014054037.41211817MYROL – Mascara Dawn (Little Red Hen/WHP)

1175+63111210002842.473737JOHN DAMIAN – Gimme A Chance (Reptile)1154+39111510492743.294038BRANT MILLER – Caldo De Pollo (Nanjo)

1072+869869102641.775047TOBY KEITH – Beers Ago (Show Dog/Universal)1027+1099187154523.324—48MICHELLE TURLEY – Orange Blossoms In Phoenix (Victorio)987NEW  8888262539.948—49CLINTON GREGORY – Bridges (Melody Roundup)965NEW  9138392933.716—50JUSTIN HAIGH – People Like Me (Apache Ranch)953NEW  8677003626.925 FH = Song serviced to radio via Future Hits CD™ ♦ = Song is a Stress Trax™Country Top 30 Indie ChartPublication Date: Apr 20, 2012Last Week PositionThis Week PositionArtist – Song (Label)This Week SpinsSpin Trend + –Last Week SpinsThree Week SpinsStation CountAverage SpinsAdds11CHRISTINE VAN HOY – Happy Town (Big 7)1805+67173815473848.022DAVID WOOD – My Dash (Dew Note)1752+45170715693747.833TODD ALLEN HERENDEEN – My Name Is America (Straight Arrow)1673+28164515943943.3144NATASHA JAMES – Room 203 (Highway One/WHP)1612+50156214322760.255STONEWALL JACKSON – Wish I Had A Girl (Turp Tunes/WHP)1588+34155414062466.666SUSAN CATTANEO – Little Big Sky (Jersey Girl Music)1548+72147613623742.377BRUCE LARSON – All Because Of You (Busy At Play)1476+26145013834037.4188MYROL – Mascara Dawn (Little Red Hen/WHP)1465+27143813172267.099ERIN HAY – In Slow Motion (WHP)1428+26140212802265.41010DANNY GRIEGO – Think She Only Likes Me For My Willie (WHP)1399+22137712702167.11111SANDY CARROLL – Romeo & Juliet (Catfood)1365+59130611582849.211212JIMMY EUGENE – Honey Do (Whiss)1354+63129111572652.511413RANDOLPH MICHAUD – Tennessee Whiskey (WHP)1327+7312549782358.111314MARTY RAYBON – I’ve Seen What He Can Do (Rural Rhythm)1312+50126210932357.511515DANNY CLICK – I Feel Good Today (Dogstar)1309+59125011192552.811616ERICA NICOLE – What You Think About Us (Heaven)  ♦1296+7912179884231.321917BRYAN COLE – Love Doesn’t Live Here (Perfect Vision)1271+77119410813141.531718JOYCE SHAFFER – Farmer’s Pride (Red Boot)1269+58121110402355.61819ANDY BUDD – Old Freight (Red Bush)1240+40120010132746.42020LORI SMITH – What’s In It For Me (615)1240+55118510252648.112421COLEMAN BROTHERS – Tribute To A Firefighter (American Sounds)1208+10611028073337.112322DK DAVIS – Old Dreams (Route 66)  ♦1175+6311129172842.42223JOHN DAMIAN – Gimme A Chance (Reptile)1154+3911159462743.22524BRANT MILLER – Caldo De Pollo (Nanjo)1150+6110899583236.42825WILL COX – Nothing But Tequilla (WHP)1116+6310538852251.212926KATY BOYD – Jigs & Reels & Ferris Wheels (Porgy)1096+4410529092152.612727PHIL VASSAR – Dont Miss Your Life (Rodeowave)1091+2510669874524.72628RICHARD BURR – I Just Breathe (WHP)1083+1710669121957.53029PAUL DAVID BENTON – She’s Something Else (ATP)1072+869868052641.7—30MICHELLE TURLEY – Orange Blossoms In Phoenix (Victorio)987NEW  8887442539.94

If you hear “My Name Is  America” on your local radio PLEASE call in and tell them if you like it!  If you have a station in your area that  you think should play it, call and tell them it has over 374, 000 views on YouTube and plays on tons of radio stations around the country, so maybe they can play it?!  Every little bit helps.  One person can make a difference sometimes.  Look at the impact Jesus had on the world.  One Man.

We also need help keeping the momentum up on spreading the video via Email and Facebook.  If you have not shared it via Facebook You can by copying and pasting this link in a status: .  You can also paste this link in an email and pass it around.  If you have a mailing list or access to one, please without spamming, send to as many as you possibly can.  This is the only way we have access to the entire country and world, as TV and Radio are very expensive.  But with internet, YOU can be a part of helping!  We thank you fans for your support of Todd, but more importantly for your support of our Vets and America.  That is what this song is about.  It’s not political not matter how much certain people want to try to make it that way. We never released it to be political and divide Americans.  We just wanted to show pride in America!  It has taken us so many wonderful places and taught us a lot.

One such event recently was the Wounded Warrior Beach Retreat in Panama City Beach, FL.  Check out what they and their site here:  It is amazing to hear these wounded vets thank Us for making them feel welcome and special.  We most definitely don’t deserve thanks, THEY DO.  That is what the retreat is all about.  Todd and Angel had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with them on the Betsy Ann Riverboat Cruise, who took them out for a ride and lunch.  In talking with them, most say they do not regret doing what they did, because they were protecting our Freedoms and friends who were in with them, so they would do it over again.  Makes you thankful.  Below are some photos from the boat cruise.

Todd has been asked to sing “My Name Is America” at the Marine Aviation Centennial Celebration  May 12 in Orange Beach, AL.  Will definitely share about that event here on the blog!

We have had many ask about Todd doing USO or other type tours.  We would love to try to get into that if anyone has any info or contacts please share our website with them and/or contact us there!  Thank You!

We have added some dates to our schedule and started our seasonal performances at The Holiday Inn Resort for resort guests .  Click Here to check out our schedule.   Our public beach show is at Gulf World Marine Park every Thursday right now.  We will be adding days later in May.

We will be in GEORGIA This Thursday at The Ritz Theatre in Thomaston, GA!  One night only, last Georgia show for quite a while, so don’t miss it! Tickets still available at the door!   7:30pm showtime. $15 in advance $20 at the door Tickets at the Ritz and TUAC Call 706- 647- 5372 (evenings) for more info.

Keep us in your prayers!

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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