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Chance to Promote our song at the Republican Convention

Yes we had the wonderful opportunity to go with Talk Radio Host Burnie Thompson to Orlando and take in the Republican Debate and meet the candidates for president as well as some other gentlemen in the House and Senate and Fox News Anchors.  We feel very blessed to have the chance to promote our new song “My Name is America” to this audience!  The song itself is for EVERY American, no parties or groups attached.  Our message is if the Statue of Liberty could speak, she would say the words in the song to bring Americans TOGETHER again and restore our values.  Be proud of the country that gives you the freedom to do as you please!  Below are photos of some of the people we met.  We even were on the Sean Hannity show in the background of where they were shooting!  How fun was that, having all you fans send us pictures and video clips of us standing there in the background! Too cool!  Our bus was parked with all the other media vans outside the convention center and certainly attracted a lot of attention, as it is designed to do!  We thank our sponsors Gulf World Marine Park and Holiday Inn Resort both in Panama City Beach, FL for all of their support on this “My Name is America” project and journey!  They are simply some of the finest people on this earth.  They believe as you fans do, in me and my group but also in this powerful song we have been blessed with.  So begins the “My Name is America” Journey… Hang in there with us and enjoy the ride!  Visit our websites also: and  

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