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Grand Ole Opry and My Name is America Moving up the Indie Chart!

Hey There!

First of all I want to thank everyone of you who reads this and tells us how much you enjoy it!  You are the reason we do what we do and why we started this blog.  You all told us you want to keep up with our adventures and journey, so here we are!  God is amazing and deserves all the credit for every good thing that happens to us.  If this is your first time to our blog here at, you need to know that you can scroll down this page past this post and read all of our other stories from before!  Catch up on all the fun, so to speak!

We started this weekend, (which it really never felt like the last weekend ended, as were only home a day or so, haha) but we started this weekend Thursday at Gulf World Marine Park  in Panama City Beach, FL, with our show.  It was another fun night!  We have two Thursdays left to perform there, November 3 and November 17.  November 10 we will NOT be there, as we will be on a road trip.  Read about where we are going here:, (this is a past post here on the blog).

Thursday night after the show we headed to Nashville, TN because we were invited by Jack Greene and his manager LeeAnn to attend the Grand Ole Opry Friday when Jack would be performing!  We have to give a HUGE thank you to LeeAnn and Jack for EVERYTHING they did for us!  It was an amazing time!  We even got to be back stage and meet the Opry Stars before they went out to perform.  We didn’t even have to be out in the audience at all, as there is room at the back of the stage so you can actually be right on the stage as the performers sing!  Roaming the halls and seeing inside the dressing rooms and even hearing the acts pick and rehearse before they go on stage was an honor.  Below you can see some of our pictures.  Many of the performers that were there, I had had the wonderful opportunity to work with before.  What was really incredible is that some of them remembered me before I even said anything to them!   We met Mark Wills, Jimmy C Newman, Little Jimmy Dickens( Worked with before), Jeanni Seely (worked with before), Daryle Singltary (worked with before) and of course Jack Greene!  Jack, by the way, did another fantastic performance, along with these other legends!  We also met Opry musicians like Eddie Bayers and the Opry Announcer and legendary DJ Eddie Stubbs.  We really had a fantastic experience and once again, it was thanks to Jack Greene and his manager LeeAnn!

We have more exciting news, “My Name is America, ” our powerful patriotic Anthem, has moved up to number 24 on the Indie Charts!  We sure hope it keeps climbing!  Our next step in promoting it nationally is to put it with yet another radio promotion company and get it this time on more “Commercial” radio stations.  These are the stations that chart on Billboard!  How awesome would that be to even get on the billboard charts?!  That is our goal, and we want  to thank our sponsors Gulf World Marine Park and Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach, for helping get this incredible song’s message to the world!

Speaking of Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, don’t forget we will be there for New Year’s Eve!  Go to their website for more details.  Don’t forget to check out our Tour Schedule on, as we have fun shows coming up in Northport, FL, New Smyrna Beach, FL, Sharon Springs, NY, New York City, NY, Alapaha, Ga and Dublin, GA!  We’re also super excited Todd has been invited to sing “My Name Is America” at the Florida Tea Party Convention in Daytona, FL on November 5 and 6!  The Republican Presidential Candidates will be there.  We will keep you updated while on that road trip, here on the blog and on Facebook.

God Bless,


P.S. Note From Angel:  Just wanted you to know, it’s me who makes him pose in all these neat places, so you guys can see how cute and cool he is 😉  HaHa!  He doesn’t like it sometimes, but hey he IS the star right?!   I’m just the paparazzi…

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