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Great Show in Illinois, Pictures from Memphis and “My Name is America now number 11!

Thursday November 17 we ended our 10th season and 9th year at Gulf World Marine Park’s Tropical Garden Theatre!  We are so blessed to be a part of such a fantastic venue!  We look forward to many more seasons of fun.  Beginning in January Gulf World will hold it’s Winter Concert Series once again and we will be a part of that.  Tuesday February 21, 2012 we will do another fun show with Ray Walker, The Bass singer of The Jordanaires, as part of their Winter Concert Series!  Click Here to go see all the great concerts that are coming!

While we are speaking of our Winter Schedule- we have news!  We will be performing at The Breakers beautiful Dinner/Showroom again this Winter!  Starting December 16, we will do three Christmas shows on Dec 16, 17 and 23.  Then we will do New Year’s Eve at The Holiday Inn Resort and be back at Breakers in January and February.  Please go to and click on our schedule page to see our full winter schedule!  We have dates in January in Thomaston and Hawkinsville, GA as well as Apalachicola, FL!

Now let’s get to our fun weekend we had!  After the show Thursday at Gulf World in Panama City Beach, FL, we headed out for Centralia, IL.  We did a show on Friday at Kaskaskia College in their beautiful Auditorium!  Below you can see pictures.  They had it decorated for Christmas and we even did a few Christmas songs to get the Holidays kicked off.  Big thank you to all the fine staff and everyone at the college who made us feel so welcome!  We can’t wait to come back!

We spent the night Friday in Illinois and headed out Saturday morning for home.  Some of the band members had never been to Memphis so we went through there and stopped at the Gates of Graceland and took some pictures and walked around a bit.  We also stopped in Sun Studio and look around a while.  We had the awesome oportunity to record there about 10 years ago!  What an incredible experience!   Angel and I have been to Memphis an uncountable number of times, haha, but we enjoy it every time.  So much music history and cool stuff with Beale St. and museums and of course Graceland.  Even if you aren’t an Elvis fan, the Graceland Tour is full of wonderful information and is very cool.  We didn’t have time for tours this time but like I said before, we have done the tours countless times.  Every time we go to the area we take time to search out off the beaten path stuff, so Angel says I am the best Memphis Tour guide there is!  We took the band by Jerry Lee Lewis’s house in Mississippi.  He lives about 25 miles from Graceland.  Below you can see pictures.  He still lives there.  We had a fun weekend and got home safely very late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Our song, “My Name is America” continues to be embraced by the country and we are SO happy for that!  It has climbed to number 11 on the Indie World Country Chart this week!  Plus we have now added another radio promotion Company to get it on even more radio stations.  We have some really exciting other things that are in the works too, and once they are confirmed we can’t wait to share them with you!  It could really be huge exposure for the song!

Another exciting thing that we are now affiliated with is America Pride Calendars.  We met them at the Convention in Daytona.  They heard “My Name is America” and wanted it to be affiliated with them!  Got to our Home Page at and scroll to the bottom to see their banner and click on it to go to their site and get one of their beautiful calendars!  Their calendar and what they stand for is what our song is also all about!  They really are an incredible pairing!  Here is an excerpt from their web site...” History is the Teacher of our Future…Let us return to the principles our Founding Fathers died for which allowed all citizens to have true representation in the laws that govern our country. We the people, who elect the government, who worship in our faith communities, who live in our own neighborhoods must attain the same impending faith that our nation’s founders not only believed in, but spent their lives demonstrating. We must acquire the belief that only individuals united together will effect true change and that change begins within each individual American by rediscovering the true meanings of Patriotism.”   Again you must go to our web site and click on the America Pride picture to get to their site!

We have some Indiana dates coming up December 9 and 10 also.  Be sure and go to www.toddallenherendeen and check out our full schedule.  We wish you all a Very Blessed Thanksgiving!  I know we are always thankful for you fans and your support and for the many blessings the Lord gives us.  Praise Always be to His Name!

God Bless,

Todd and the Gang 🙂

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