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Statue of Liberty, MI, GA, TX, LA Tour!

Hi Everyone!

We have, thankfully, been very busy this month!  Lots of road shows.  We were scheduled to sing at the Statue of Liberty for her 126th Anniversary Celebration, but due to Hurricane Sandy, they cancelled the ceremonies.  We have been invited back to do it next year though!  We look forward to that for sure.  We were still in New York City on Sunday Oct 28 before the storm hit and had a very nice day walking and touring the city.  Below are some of our photos.  We went to battery Park at the very tip of Lower Manhattan Sunday night about 10pm and looked out over the water at the Statue of Liberty holding her lit torch high!  Todd did a short video from there for you that we have included in our “Road Blog Video.”  You can view it here:  We left Monday morning as the storm was approaching NYC and headed North to Sharon Springs (near Albany, NY) where we had a show Tuesday night Oct 30. Big thank you to the Bianchine Family and Sharon Springs for making us feel so welcome!  We can’t wait to come back next year!  From Sharon Springs, NY we had a stop in Indiana and then headed for Georgia for a big show in Tifton.  Thank you Tifton, Ga Also, for always making us so welcome and special to your town!  We love all of you.  Below you can see some photos. Tifton Harley Davidson lent us a motorcycle for the show and I also got to meet  sheriff Scarbrough and State rep.  McBrayer.  We got home to Panama City Beach around 2am Sunday morning.  (Got home in time for church in the morning!)  Attended an evening church service that was centered around prayer for our Nation also.  We had a fantastic week over all, even with some ups and downs and surprises, we always can look back and see the Lord’s Hand protecting and Blessing us!  After 2 days home we headed to Texas on Tuesday for a Veterans Appreciation Celebration in Friendswood, TX.  We always take so much away from meeting heroes and hearing their amazing stories!  We’ve included a couple photos below.  We met a gentleman with a wonderful ministry for our vets called Serving Project.  Check it out at   We then went to New Iberia, Louisiana for 3 shows.  We thank you Mr. Landry, family and all the Lousiana folks who made us feel so welcome!  We can’t wait to come back!

Todd and Angel are being flown to Philadelphia, PA this weekend to share “My Name Is America” at a special event.  We’ll take pictures to share with you!

Check out our winter schedule at

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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