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Virginia City VFW Post Resource Center Fundraiser Tour

Updated: Nov 10

We have a huge opportunity to help Build a facility that will help establish a location for veterans to seek assistance and support! Help us help the Virginia City Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8071 Build a new post Home (They don't have one.) The building will serve as the post's business office, Veteran Resource Center meeting hall and community building! What an opportunity to be a light in a community!

The Background on how it came about...


We were having dinner at Del Rio in Virginia city Nevada. A man walks up and says hi my name is Phil I'm one of your biggest fans. He said I've never met you in person but, several years ago I saw your "My Name is America" video on YouTube and ordered the CD. We play the song at our temporary VFW post. He then told me prior to covid he was going to reach out to me and see about coming to Virginia City and doing a concert but covid stopped it from happening. Their post got destroyed and they are in a temporary spot. They are working on raising money to rebuild. I asked if he was a vet. He said yes Vietnam. We shook hands and I gave him my word we would come in late April or early May and do this for them.


The Fundraising concert tour is set.....This will be a 5,500 mile round trip of awesome adventure for a great cause. ALL the money raised will be to rebuild the VFW in Virginia City, Nevada.

The first fundraiser concert will be

  • Saturday April 30th at Todd Herendeen theatre PCB, FL.

  • Second stop- Houma, Louisiana on Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th.The Saturday May 7th concert will be to raise funds for the Louisiana hurricane victims. The Sunday May 8th will be for Virginia City.

  • Third stop is Bristow, Oklahoma, on Tuesday night May 10th. Possibly joining us there will be the great quartet and friends of mine, Highway 96.

  • Fourth stop Is Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday May 12th.

  • And the final stop- Saturday May 14-VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA. The city has opened the Rodeo Arena up to us to put on their FIRST CONCERT EVER THERE.

Again ALL MONEY RAISED is to support the building of a new VFW. My goal is to hand them a minimum of a 25,000 dollar check when we get there plus what we raise at the Rodeo concert.

You can help with this effort for our veterans by coming to the concerts and or online at and donate. Or send check or money order to Tent Revival of America P.o. Box 18302 PCB fl 32417. Please mark on checks VFW. Thank you for supporting. DONATE NOW BELOW SPECIFICALLY FOR VIRGINIA CITY.

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