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Wounded Marine Fund Event in California

Hello Friends!

We are excited to bring you some of the recent happenings and news about what’s coming up!  Not long ago Todd was asked to come and share “My Name Is America” at a Wounded Marine Fund Event!  You know we always try to attend whatever we can, that we get asked to, because we want to try and give SOMETHING back to our heroes that sacrifice for us!  We always walk away with way more of a blessing than we give.  🙂  That’s just how it is.  Please visit The Wounded Marine Fund website to find out what they are all about and see USMC. Cpl. Michael Fox’s story!  Below we have our photos and a short video from the event.  Todd sang the song with two of these heroes standing beside him!  It was a very emotional moment for sure!  Here is the link for the video if it does not play below:

Coming up October 28 Todd and the band will be performing Live at the Statue of Liberty!  They have been asked to be a part of the Grand Re-Opening Ceremony on her 126th Anniversary!  Of course they will be performing “My Name Is America” (what an incredible thing, since the song was written with the thought in mind “if the Statue of Liberty could speak, what would she say?!”)  They will also perform several other patriotic songs that day!  We are hoping to do a mini video shoot of the trip that we can share with all of you!  The ceremony begins at 1:30 pm at the base outside of the Statue.  You can visit for more information on planning your trip.  We are honored to be a part of this historical event!

We have some other great travel dates coming up in Texas, Lousiana, Georgia and more.  So please catch us somewhere near you by visiting our full tour schedule at!

If you have not SHARED “My Name Is America” yet, please help us out!  Let’s keep it’s message spreading.  You can copy and paste this link in an email or on Facebook or Twitter :   Thank you for loving the song as much as we do!  If you haven’t checked out our new items in our store, (including T-SHIRTS you’ve been asking for!) go see the store now: .  Pretty awesome shirts huh?!  We thought so too 😉

We have just a couple more Thursday shows left to perform at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL (our home theatre).  We will be doing shows this winter in Panama City Beach, FL at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom.  Again you can visit for all of our schedule details.

Keep our journey in your prayers!

God Bless you!

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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