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BIG Weekend and Opening for B.B. King!

Wow!  That’s how we have to start this one!  Haha!  We really have had a whirl wind couple of days and it continues through the rest of the month, but it’s exciting!  Please keep us in your prayers as you always do.  We know they help us tremendously.  Just this past Tuesday Todd ended up getting to open for Legendary King of The Blues, B.B. King, by singing “My Name is America!”  This was in Panama City, FL and we thank Hess Entertainment for the opportunity!  Local DJ Dr. Shane Collins introduced Todd and explained the fact of our song being the number one independent country song right now.  Before Todd sang the song he thanked, as he ALWAYS DOES, our military heroes past and present.  Seeing how many stood up all over the huge room was an amazing moment!  Thanks be to God for these heroes that protect and serve us.  “It was an honor to be on stage before B.B. King!  As I was singing “My Name is America” I looked side stage and saw B.B. standing there watching!  Amazing.” Todd said.   After their show every single one of  B.B.’s band guys said they really liked the song and complimented Todd’s voice.  B.B. himself said something about “having a voice like that” referring to Todd.  Todd never got to meet The King of Rock N Roll, or the King of Pop.  But he can say he met the King of The Blues!  After the concert we were invited on his bus to meet him and get an autograph.  Even got a great photo with the legend.  Below we have just a few of the photos we have so far.  Hoping to get some good shots from the photographers of Todd singing.  We will post them later for you.  Everyone asks Todd, “What did you say to B.B.?”  Todd said “I  told him that the first time I remember hearing about him was in the 70’s when I was a kid watching Sanford and Son.  He came on and Fred Sanford was “about to have the big one!”  It was great!”  B.B. of course remembered doing the show and laughed at Todd’s impression of Sanford having “the big one.”  HaHa!

We love the fact that each of you ask us and look forward to us sharing our life happenings with you!  We don’t ever want to feel like we are bragging.  We are not.  And we know that you know we are not.  So that makes us happy!  We are blessed and give all the Glory to God and just love sharing our happiness with you.  Without our fans believing and cheering us on, we would be nothing.  We are so thankful this awesome, positive song has been speaking to the hearts of America!  We need a little positive don’t you think?!

We have more exciting things happening THIS weekend!  The song writer of “My Name is America,” Kurt Orning, will be flying in from Minnesota to celebrate the song hitting #1!  He will be a special guest on both of our shows this Friday and Saturday at The Breakers.  Hear him tell how he wrote this amazing song and more!  Monday morning he and Todd will be on the Panama City Channel 7 morning show with Paris Janos.  All day long they have press interviews scheduled to talk about this amazing song becoming the #1 independent country song in America and express it’s patriotic message.  There will be newspaper articles and radio interviews, we hope to keep you updated so you can catch them in the coming week.

Don’t forget to always check for even more information and our full schedule!  If you still need a copy of “My Name is America,” please visit

God Bless,

The Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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