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Bumper Stickers and Tour Lanyards Now available!

Hello Everyone!

We have had many of you ask about bumper stickers- they are in!  “My Name Is America, I Stand Proud and Free!”  Order them online in our store at!  We also have Brand New Tour Lanyards.  Red, white and Blue with 2 sides, one side with the Statue of Liberty saying “Stand Proud and Free” and the other side “The Todd Allen Herendeen Show.”   We wear these when we are out on tour, and so many of you liked them, we made them available for you!  See photos of both new items below!

If you would like to join our brand new official mailing list (don’t worry we don’t send a lot of junk, just cool news and schedule updates you really want to know!) Click here and enter your email address: .  We sincerely appreciate your support

Here in Panama City Beach, fl  we continue to work 6 nights a week.  If you haven’t caught our show yet at Gulf World’s Beautiful 675 seat indoor state of the art theatre, you must!  We have some new stage lighting and props that are really cool!  Catch us Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Only 7 Shows left there for this summer season!  If you come to PCB, FL you should try staying at the Holiday Inn Resort.    We have some great road dates starting in August.  Auburn and Angola, Indiana, Ven Wert, Ohio, St Joe, Michigan and New York at the Statue of Liberty just to name a FEW!  In November we have Texas, Louisiana and South Florida.  Be sure and check our schedule frequently as, thankfully, we get calls for new shows daily!  Go directly to our Schedule Calendar Here: .

We need your help keeping our You Tube Video of “My Name Is America” going around the internet!  PLEASE USE THIS LINK: . All you do is copy and paste that underlined link into your email and pass it on.  You can also copy and paste it onto a Facebook Status.  Let’s keep America uniting and Standing Proud and Free!

We have a special concert coming up Saturday August 18 in Panama City Beach, FL.  It’s a FREE concert but throughout the evening we will be auctioning off a signed guitar, tons of door prizes, and food concessions to help raise money for FOOD4KIDZ, Inc who feed our local community.  Please help spread the word about the Free concert and help out our community!  (Flyer below)

If you are new to our blog, visit to see all of our past posts and adventures!  There ‘s some good stuff like New York City, Grand Ole Opry, NASCAR Races, and much much more!

Keep us in You Prayers!

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

August 18 COME JOIN US!

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