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Conclusion of The Tour- Georgia!

Day 9, Dear Diary…

GET ME OFF THE BUS!!!  LOL!  Just kidding!  I know you all were thinking that!  Hahaha!  We actually had a great trip and everyone was great and didn’t drive each other too crazy!  Really we did have an amazing trip and we have to Thank the Lord for his wonderful protection and keeping us safe.  We got to see some of this amazing country, spread the message of “My Name is America” and make some money while we’re at it!  We ended the tour in Georgia.  Friday night we were in Alapaha, GA for the Station Celebration.  It was our third year in a row and we were so glad to be back!  It was great to see so many of our Georgia and Tifton area friends and fans.  You guys are awesome!  Saturday night we performed at Theatre Dublin in Dublin, GA.  Big thanks to Miss Bessie for having us back for our third time!  And a shout out to our opening act, Sam’s Drive in Band!   We enjoyed working with you!  It was a fun show and beautiful theatre, as you can see below.  Again good to see our Georgia fans who come out every time we come to town.  Our fans rock!  We love you guys!

We are so happy that America is embracing our song “My Name is America.”  It keeps climbing the chart and we keep spreading it’s message wherever we can!  Let’s Unite America, no matter what our party or belief and be proud Americans!  Check out our chart status here:  We rose 4 spots to #13 this week!  Again, we always dedicate it to our military and veterans, but singing it in Alapaha on 11/11/11 was special!

We have our last Thursday night show this season on this Thursday Nov 17 at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  Don’t miss it!  We still continue to tour and you can check our Schedule Here: .  Friday Nov 18 we will be in Centralia , IL for a fun show including some Christmas music!  The weekend of December 9 and 10 we head to Indiana for some hometown shows in the area Todd is from!

We certainly had a blessed trip and wonderful adventure.  Praise God again for looking out for us!  He is Awesome!

Below we attached a video we shot in the Grand Ballroom in New York City.  It is of the room being put together for the event. It was really amazing how fast it all went!  Enjoy!

God Bless,

Todd and the Gang

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