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First of Many Posts for our 10 Day tour! First stops in Florida! Our song is Hot Rising pick of Week

Hello Everyone!

We always thank you in advance for reading this and being interested in our adventures!  We continue to be blessed with some fantastic opportunities and thank YOU FANS and FRIENDS for all your support!  If you are on our Home blog page reading this (, you will want to make sure you scroll up and down so you can read all of our posts!

“My Name is America” our song, has moved up from #24 to #17 on the Indie Country Chart!!  It moved up more than any other songs this week and was the “Hot Rising” Pick of the week!  We are SO excited and look forward to keeping the excitement growing on this fabulous song!  As we mentioned before we will soon be heading to the next level with Radio Promotion on the song, where we will get even more radio stations playing it and on a bigger commercial level!  So then, hopefully, we can get on the Billboard charts 🙂 What a dream that will be!  America is really embracing this song and we are so happy since it has such a positive message!

We had a great Show on Thursday at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach.  Many of you know that is our “home” theatre and where we perform regularly.  We headed out Friday morning for Daytona Beach and the Florida state Tea Party Convention.  We were asked to go there and sing “My Name is America.”  We want everyone to know that we take advantage of any opportunities that come along to get the message of this great song out!  We don’t necessarily support any one people or party, but as we always say, this song is for ALL Americans!  Performing it gives us a chance to recognize our military heroes, past and present, and spread our message of uniting Americans!  Below you can see pictures from the event.  There were a lot of great speakers there and over a thousand people, so it really was a great opportunity to get the song heard.  That is what we are all about, spreading the song’s great message.  Saturday we had a booth at the convention where we handed out flyers and sold our “My Name is America” Cd’s.  I then sang “My Name is America” to start off the evening events.  There were probably about 1000 people there and it brought them to their feet at the end!  It was really incredible!  I had a cab waiting outside for when I finished the song so I could go directly to the airport and get on a chartered plane to take me to our show in Northport, FL.  (Big thanks to my buddy Vaughn for that!) The band had already gone on ahead in the bus and set up and started playing, waiting for me to get there!  The weather was windy and we had a couple of delays but I made it and did the show!  Want to thank everyone in Northport, for hanging out and enjoying my band waiting for me!  And thank you to my band for doing such a great job entertaining the folks until I got there!  We did have some folks at the show who had to leave before I got there, and we will be going back to Northport on March 31st and the show will be free to the public, so we can make up to anyone who missed us this time!  We always want you fans to know how much you mean to us.

After the show in Northport on Saturday night we headed back to Daytona Beach so I could sing “My Name is America” again on Sunday.  That afternoon we drove to New Smyrna Beach where we were hired to do our show at The First Church of The Nazarene.  It was a great evening and we want to thank Pastor Allen and his wife Trish for such a blessed evening.  We really enjoyed their church and it’s people!  I think we mentioned before that we do go to churches and do a special show with a lot more gospel music mixed in with some great message songs.  If you know or have a church you would like us to come to, we try to add them onto weekends in a part of the country we are already booked in.  Email us at or talk with your pastor about having us come perform!

As you read this we are on the bus in South Carolina headed to Sharon Springs, NY for our show there tomorrow.  We hope to update you with another Blog post on Thursday after our shows in Sharon Springs and New York City.  We will take a lot of pictures so you can feel like you were there with us!

Don’t forget if you hear “My Name is America” on your local radio, call in and let them know you if you liked it!

God Bless,

Todd and The gang

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