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“My Name Is America” Philly, NY, GA and more!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read our latest update!  Things haven’t really slowed down, we just have shows in Panama City Beach, FL 6 nights a week, so keeps us busy!  It’s been good to see all of you who have come down for vacation!

We have lots of exciting news and things still happening with “My Name Is America!”  It is really a good feeling to be a part of a positive thing for America!  It’s so great to see Americans showing their pride too.  Recently Todd was asked to come to Philadelphia, PA to sing “My Name Is America” at The Delaware County Community Foundation Salute to Veterans Gala Honoring Claude de Botton with the Gary Papa Leadership in Philanthropy Award!  We even get a tour of the city!  Very excited for that!

Of course we are still super excited to be part of the 126th Anniversary Celebration of the Statue of Liberty on October 28 of this year!  We also found out that this will be the Grand Re-Opening day, because she has been closed for renovations since that time last year!  What an honor!  When we get more details we will let everyone know more for sure.

The official Video on YouTube now has 551, 416 + Views!  Again we are so proud to have been blessed to be a part of this wonderful song and it’s journey!  Here is the link once again if you would like to Share it on FaceBook or in an email:  Let’s keep the positive message going!

We recently received and email from a gentleman who is using our song in his light display at his home.  We think it’s very cool to show your America Pride!  Here is the link for his video of his display: . We also thank him for sharing his use with us.

This past Saturday June 16 Todd was invited to be a part of the “Georgia Honors Iraq Veterans and their Families” in Rome, GA.  They wanted him to bring the bus and be a part of the parade.  We did!  We had “My Name is America” playing out the windows all the way and Todd was inside the bus moving from side to side out the windows waving and thanking the troops.  It was such a neat experience and very moving to see all who came out in the town to help welcome home the heroes!  And afterwards there was a big celebration ceremony at The Forum (Civic Center type venue).  Todd sang “My Name Is America”  as part of the ceremony.  The ceremony included performances from the U.S. Army Band, a Gold Star Mom, Patty Sailor,  singing the National Anthem, The Mayor, Evie McNiece, of Rome speaking, Major General Butterworth speaking, a song from a fallen soldier’s brother, Congressman Tom Graves speaking and Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia was also there to thank these heroes.  It was an honor to be in such great company, not to mention the company of the men and woman who we were honoring!  Below we have included pictures and here is a link to a very cool video presentation we put together of the event: .  We hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget you can get your copy of the CD, DVD or Sheet Music of “My Name Is America” at

Check out our full Show Schedule at .  We perform Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Gulf World Marine Park’s Beautiful 675 seat indoor Branson style theatre!   You won’t want to miss our concerts at this incredible venue, it’s quite a production!

Starting mid August we hit the road for some exciting shows around this beautiful country!  September 7 we will be in Van Wert, OH for the Van Wert Hot Air Balloon Festival!  Check it out here:

We continue the journey.  Keep us in your prayers!

Love and God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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