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Hello Friends!

We are into our summer season here on Panama City Beach, FL!  We have shows Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Holiday Inn Resort.  Shows are for resort guests, so check out staying there when you come visit our beautiful beaches!  If you haven’t been to Panama City Beach, FL, you can’t even imagine what you are missing!  The clear emerald turquoise water and white sand is unlike anywhere besides the Caribbean!

We have had a busy and blessed May! We hosted an 8 day Tent meeting in Panama City, FL.  Uplifting and encouraging messages from different Pastors each night!  8 day Tent Revival of America, for 7:14 week, was such a blessing! Thank you to all the special folks who helped and made this possible! And to all the faithful friends who came every night! You did it for God, and not for us. He will bless you for it. Our whole theme was 2 Chronicles 7:14 – all of you humbled yourselves and prayed and seeked God this 8 days. Let’s not let the revival stop just because the tent is down. Keep spreading the love of Jesus like never before. Be on fire for God. That’s what revival is. God bless you all and keep us in your prayers as we take Tent Revival of America all across our nation. We thank the Lord for this 8 days of healings and souls saved that were reported!!  See photos below.


Honoring Veterans at 7:14 week revival


Memorial Weekend we headed to East Texas for two God and Country Concerts!   Remembering those who gave their lives but we also ALWAYS honor past and present veterans. At every show. God is great all the time! Big thank you to our new friends at Grace Fellowship IN Flint, Texas and our friends and family in Poynor/LaRue and Country Chapel for letting us share our love of God, veterans and Country! We love you Texas…till we meet again, may God Continue to bless you!

We have a Stevenson, AL concert June 13 and in August we head to Northeast, Indiana for two different weekends!  Make sure you check out our schedule at!

Don’t forget you can purchase CDs, sheet music and much more on our online store also found on our website!

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