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Pride In America, Helping Vets, Plus America shows more love to the song!

Hello Friends!

We are so glad you are here reading this and are interested in what’s been happening on this journey!  We continue to press on with spreading the message of “My Name Is America.”  Plus we have started our shows on Thursdays at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  We also have some road tour dates mixed in there!  You can find our full schedule at

Recently Todd was invited to sing and present “My Name Is America” at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, FL for a  non-political and non-partisan event  that was a fund raiser for Wounded Wear, Freedom Alliance, The Navy SEAL Foundation and PAWs.  Many wonderful speakers were there including Florida Governor Rick Scott.  We have now had the opportunity to meet him at several events.  Todd sang while our YouTube Video Played behind him on a giant screen.  It certainly makes a powerful statement presentation!  We are so happy at America’s response to the video on YouTube.  We are over 105,300 real views!  Americans are passing it around email and Facebook, igniting patriotism!  THANK YOU ALL who have helped!   Let’s make a statement out there that there are still PROUD Americans who stand for what is right.  We have always said from the beginning this song is for ALL Americans, not one party or people, but all dreamers and friends!  The video has moved so many people, they’ve been asking for us to sell it on DVD.  We have DVD’s being produced now.  They should be available in about two and a half weeks.  We will let you know as soon as they are available!  You will be able to order them from  We have also had many many requests for sheet music of the song, so we have that being printed this week also.  It will be available in a week on the “My Name Is America” web site.  We are so happy to be a positive influence for America.  We thank the Lord for using us for His purpose.

Here is the link again for the YouTube Video of “My Name Is America:”  Again we ask you to copy and paste it in an email and send it on to your friends.  Remember how many times you’ve received other video emails that you may not watch until you get it a second or third time?!  😉  Right!

Todd was also recently asked to sing the song at the Panama City Courthouse steps and state attorney Glenn Hess was there, below is the photo.

Spring Break is in full swing in Panama City Beach, FL!  What a gorgeous Winter it’s been!  If you haven’t been to PCB to see why they call it the world’s most beautiful beaches, you don’t know what you are missing!  White sand (yes really!) emerald waters, great shopping, food, tons of things to do besides the beach too!  (Like come see our show at Gulf World while you are in town!)  Plus next month we start performing regularly at Holiday Inn Resort also.  And we mean RESORT!  You can stay here and not really ever have to leave; live shows for adults, kids, restaurants, gorgeous pool with waterfall, and much more!  Check them out at  We are so pleased to be back for our 3rd season at Holiday Inn Resort!

We have some road shows coming up as well.  The end of the month we head back to south Florida.  Next month we go to Ozark, Alabama and Thomaston, Georgia!  See our Full Schedule at for details.

Here are the latest Chart Updates For “My Name is America:” FH = Song serviced to radio via Future Hits CD™ ♦ = Song is a Stress Trax™Country Top 30 Indie ChartPublication Date: Mar 16, 2012Last Week PositionThis Week PositionArtist – Song (Label)This Week SpinsSpin Trend + –Last Week SpinsThree Week SpinsStation CountAverage SpinsAdds11KELLY PARKES – Don’t Make Me (Edge/LCR)1817+91172614904838.3232TAYLOR MADE – Good Love (Little General)  ♦1696+50164614874538.1153MISS JEANIE – A Cloud Of Dust (Megalith)1592+52154015082661.764TODD ALLEN HERENDEEN – My Name Is America (Straight Arrow)1570+48152214423644.195TJ MADDUX – The Promised Land (Platinum Plus)1563+103146013473052.6286RICHARD HALL – Old Dog Tags (WHP)1533+51148213922270.177MICHAEL LYNNE – Have A Little Fun (WHP)1523+31149213982463.9118LARRY DEAN – Shine Like A Diamond (Boulevard)1442+40140212952950.2129CHERYL K WARNER – As Long As Forever Last (WHP)1406+20138613322070.81610DAVID WOOD – My Dash (Dew Note)1339+98124110483439.81311JIMMY WHITE – Hard Ride (828)1334-11134512972651.81912CHRISTINE VAN HOY – Happy Town (Big 7)1324+125119903340.61813NATASHA JAMES – Room 203 (Highway One/WHP)1296+74122210932454.51514BRUCE LARSON – All Because Of You (Busy At Play)1292+27126511413735.41715STONEWALL JACKSON – Wish I Had A Girl (Turp Tunes/WHP)1291+6512269882356.62116MYROL – Mascara Dawn (Little Red Hen/WHP)1201+59114210192255.02517SUSAN CATTANEO – Little Big Sky (Jersey Girl Music)1188+10910798873534.422018ROCKIN GRANDMA – Country Fried Country Girl (RGM)1187+12117511552646.12219ERIN HAY – In Slow Motion (WHP)1171+5911129822253.72320DANNY GRIEGO – Think She Only Likes Me For My Willie (WHP)1146+5810889642155.02421ANDY GIBSON – Wanna Make You Love Me (R & J)1080-710879673630.522722JIMMY EUGENE – Honey Do (Whiss)994+669287782245.62823DANNY CLICK – I Feel Good Today (Dogstar)992+769167632245.52924MARTY RAYBON – I’ve Seen What He Can Do (Rural Rhythm)962+589047792048.63025SANDY CARROLL – Romeo & Juliet (Catfood)951+678847352243.7—26BRYAN COLE – Love Doesn’t Live Here (Perfect Vision)939NEW  8737552538.0—27JOYCE SHAFFER – Farmer’s Pride (Red Boot)896NEW  8256322143.1—28ERICA NICOLE – What You Think About Us (Heaven)  ♦893NEW  7996763129.32—29RANDOLPH MICHAUD – Tennessee Whiskey (WHP)889NEW  8407261849.8—30LORI SMITH – What’s In It For Me (615)879NEW  7856062142.33Country Main ChartPublication Date: Mar 16, 2012Last Week PositionThis Week PositionArtist – Song (Label)This Week SpinsSpin Trend + –Last Week SpinsThree Week SpinsStation CountAverage SpinsAddsWeeks11TAYLOR SWIFT – Ours (Big Machine/Universal)2177+21215620075738.621322BLAKE SHELTON – Drink On It (WB/WEA)  ♦2049+134191517356134.021043LADY ANTEBELLUM – Dancin’ Away With My Heart (Capitol)  ♦1884+143174116175733.531154KELLY PARKES – Don’t Make Me (Edge/LCR)

1563+103146014013052.62201411RICHARD HALL – Old Dog Tags (WHP)

1339+98124111203439.8102221JIMMY WHITE – Hard Ride (828)1334-11134513172651.8243022CHRISTINE VAN HOY – Happy Town (Big 7)

1146+58108810232155.093633ZAC BROWN BAND – No Hurry (Atlantic/WEA)1141+3611059384525.816934DIERKS BENTLEY – Home (Capitol)  ♦1130-479160917193631.81233835ANDY GIBSON – Wanna Make You Love Me (R & J)1080-7108710543630.52244136ALAN JACKSON – So You Dont Have To Love Me Anymore (Capitol/EMI)  ♦1048+779719344921.8564037ELI YOUNG BAND – Even If It Breaks Your Heart (Republic Nashville)1035010359664125.7111—38CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Good Girl (Arista/RLG)  ♦1016NEW  5772094423.51514339JIMMY EUGENE – Honey Do (Whiss)994+669288412245.694440DANNY CLICK – I Feel Good Today (Dogstar)992+769168252245.510—41ERIC CHURCH – Springsteen (EMI)  ♦986NEW  8417154422.9334542MARTY RAYBON – I’ve Seen What He Can Do (Rural Rhythm)962+589048412048.674643RODNEY ATKINS – He’s Mine (Curb)959+608998253825.71155044JOSH TURNER – Time Is Love (MCA)957+1038547904322.7274845SANDY CARROLL – Romeo & Juliet (Catfood)951+678847982243.794946BRYAN COLE – Love Doesn’t Live Here (Perfect Vision)

896NEW  8257352143.16—48ERICA NICOLE – What You Think About Us (Heaven)  ♦893NEW  7997443129.326—49RANDOLPH MICHAUD – Tennessee Whiskey (WHP)889NEW  8407811849.874750KELLIE PICKLER – 100 Proof (BNA/Sony)882-58878273426.417

The song remains at 115 on the Music Row Chart.  So excited to be headed for another #1!!!

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen Show

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