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Story Behind Song My Name is America Videos and Photos

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to have had a fantastic weekend of shows here in Panama City Beach.  The song writer of “My Name is America,”  Kurt Orning, flew into town for TV, Radio and Newspaper press about the song hitting #1 on the Independent country chart.  He also joined us for a celebration party for all those involved int he project.  We had never met, though we had talked by phone.  We had him join us on stage during our shows both Friday and Saturday, before we sang “My Name is America,”  so he could share his story of how he came to write it.  It was absolutely amazing to hear!  Below we have a video of one of those nights.  We know you will enjoy it.  Also below you will find some videos of our TV appearances.  You can hear radio interviews and find more at  If you love this song as much as we do, we ask that you share these email updates that we send you to your friends!  Just as we all share many different emails that we like, hit the forward button!  We will soon have a YOU TUBE Video of the song with a photo slideshow to go along with it.  We will be sharing that with you as soon as it is done and we ask again that you would share that with as many people as possible!  Spreading the message of this song is our goal!  The song continues to climb other charts and we will be updating you on those stats now that we have one chart conquered.

We hit the road for 6 shows in 6 days starting Thursday Jan 19.  This is also Angel’s birthday and we want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Don’t forget to visit our website for our full tour schedule! We will be in central/south Florida this weekend next weekend Apalachicola, FL!  There are still tickets available, I believe, for some of the Apalachicola Shows, so get them now!

Gulf World Marine Park’s beautiful indoor state-of-the-art Tropical Garden Theatre will begin it’s Yearly Winter Concert Series January 28.  Click Here to get more information on ALL of the incredible concerts that are coming!

This summer we will performing at both Gulf World and Holiday Inn Resort here in Panama City Beach, FL.  Holiday Inn recently put a new story about us on their web site: Check it out by clicking here.

Below we have also added some more photos from the B.B. King opener.  Big thank you to for the photos and Hess Entertainment for the concert!  It was incredible.

God Bless,

Todd Allen Herendeen

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