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Thanking Veterans

Hello Friends! Yes we are always about our veterans and thanking them for our service!  With Memorial Day coming up we want to again take more time and thank each one of you who have served or are serving and pray for those families who have lost someone!  We will Never Forget our heroes.  That is why when our patriotic hit “My Name is America” first came to us, we were honored to be the recording artist!  God gave us an amazing song to share with the world about our appreciation for America and what She stands for!  We want to share the video with you again: We hope that you will share this email or the link to the video in an email and say thank you to even more veterans for us!  Share it on Facebook, email or anywhere!  Let’s stand for America and our veterans!

As another way to thank you all, we are currently offering our Full length “God and Country” patriotic Gospel CD for SALE price of $12!  The first song on the CD is “My Name is America.”  We also still have the singles of the song available in CD and DVD video.  To purchase a copy go to and go to our store page.  Any of our websites have a Store page where you can find these items.  Buy one for a veteran friend as a thank you! We start our Thursday shows in Panama City Beach, FL at Gulf World Marine Park’s beautiful 600 seat theatre May 29!  You can catch a show all summer long in Panama City Beach but we also have a lot of road dates the first week of July so check out our schedule to see if we come to your state! Schedule here: May God continue to Bless you and America! Todd and the team

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