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The Official “My Name is America” Video Is HERE! PLEASE SHARE!

Hello Everyone!

It’s HERE!  The official “My Name is America” YouTube Video! Written by Kurt Orning, “My Name Is America” is a powerful patriotic anthem that speaks to the hearts of Americans. Proof of how well it is speaking is the fact that it has climbed to number 1 on the Indie World Country Chart. Though certainly a proud American song, other countries have seen tremendous response to it also and several stations have contacted Todd for interviews. As well as the Indie World Chart, “My Name is America” has broken into other charts as well, including the majors. If you hear it on your local radio station, plese call and tell them you liked it! For more information please visit and

PLEASE If you want to help spread the incredible message in this song, SHARE THIS With all of your friends!

We thank you and ask for your continued prayers.

May God Continue to Bless America!


Todd Allen Herendeen

THE OFFICIAL VIDEO- Turn it Up and Enjoy!

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