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Todd’s Brother Update- What a MIRACLE- Praise GOD!

We would like to update everyone on how Todd’s Brother Scott is. He was released and sent home last Friday! You have to understand how this whole storey has played out to know what a miracle this is. When his heart tragically and unexpectedly stopped, he was basically dead for about 15 mins. No heart beat and no oxygen to his brain. When they got his heart going and he was in the hospital, he was then iced down and kept in a coma on life support for several days. As they gradually brought him back to normal temperature they were not sure he wouldn’t be brain dead. He came around and for several days his whole body twitched uncontrollably. Then he started putting a few words together but would hallucinate weird things. All the while everyone kept praying LIFE to those brain cells and for him to get one more chance at life and to know the Lord. He now walks and talks and the only real problems he has is short term memory. He can remember older things and things he used to do a lot just fine. He has been released and told he could probably even get his license back in a few weeks and go back to work if he keeps progressing! All the Glory for this has to go to God, our living healer, as even the doctors cannot believe how he has turned around! We Thank EVERYONE again for their prayers and donations that have helped keep his life going while he cannot work. We wanted to share how Prayers really do WORK! We love you and pray God Blesses you also abundantly! -Todd and The Herendeen Family

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