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What’s Our Tour Schedule Like? Here it is…!

Hi Everyone! We have some really cool shows coming up!  First, don’t forget about This Thursday at Gulf World Maine Park, Our home Theatre and proud sponsor. We will have special Guest and Grand Ole Opry Star Jack Greene!  He will sing two of his biggest hits, “There Goes My Everything and “Statue of a Fool,” during our show!  We only have Four Thursdays left at Gulf World this season.  There will be no show at Gulf World Thursday Nov 10, as we will be on a road trip to NYC.  Speaking of which, November 4, 5, 6 is a big political convention in Daytona, FL and they have asked me to Sing “My Name is America!”  We are so honored and excited!  We have a Show in Northport, FL that same day, but am able to fly from one to the other to make it all work!  🙂  On November 6 we will be in New Smyrna Beach at the First Church of The Nazarene for a fun filled show filled with oldies, gospel and more!  (Did you know we perform quite often at different churches?  We even have a ministry/gospel show or our regular show fits too, as you know it’s all family friendly!)  From New Smyrna we head to Sharon Springs, New York where we will do a show at my drummer Vic’s old high school to give back to them and help raise some funds!  I want to thank him for doing such a great job getting that show put together and sponsored!  That’s November 8th and on November 9th we will be in New York City at the Plaza Hotel (remember the Movie Home Alone, that’s where he stayed!) We are performing at a Special Event Gala that evening.  Then from NYC we head to Georgia.  November 11 (Happy Veterans Day!) we will be in Alapaha, GA for the Station celebration.  November 12 we’ll be rocking the house in Dublin, GA at The Theatre Dublin!  Then we finally head home for a few days and perform our last show at Gulf World for this season on November 17th.  November 18 WE HEAD TO KASKASKIA, ILLINOIS.  We have had a lot of inquiries about us coming to Illinois, so HERE WE COME!!  We head to Indiana also in December, so please go check out our entire schedule on, so you can catch a show somewhere!   We are available for Christmas Parties and Events and have several already booked this season.

We are so very thankful for our work and the joy it brings to everyone.  I am honored to have been chosen to sing “My Name is America” and am SO glad you all love it as much as we do!  Praying God’s Blessing on ALL of you!  Thanks for your awesome support!  We couldn’t do what we do without our friends an fans coming out and supporting us.

Let’s Go Racing Boys! I ‘m headed to Talladega this weekend, thanks to my sponsor Holiday Inn Resort!  We’ll keep you all updated on our fun there and what we get to do and who we get to meet!  I’ll be pulling for my new bud Jeffrey Earnhardt Saturday at the Truck Race!  As for NASCAR, I’m a Petty man so I pull for his team 🙂

God Bless~Todd

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