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Winter Schedule,”My Name is America” in Express Lane Stores and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We did!  We got to spend it at home so it was nice to have some time off to rest.  Be cause of the Holiday week, the radio stations do not report a chart this week, so We won’t know where “My Name is America” has moved to until the end of this week.  We will let you know as soon as we know!  The song continues to catch attention and open up some great doors for us.  We continue to thank the Lord for giving this song to us.  I have always been a very proud American and Always, Always, Always, thankful to and for our military, but this song has made it easier to show our pride and we hope it helps Americans bring back their pride too!   We are happy to announce that the Express Lane Gas Stations and Convenience Stores will now be carrying our “My Name is America CD’s!  There are over 50 locations in Florida and Georgia!  They are, of course, American Owned and Operated and we are proud to team up with them and want to say thank you to them for making our CD available in their stores!  Check out our pictures of our displays below and if you stop in one of their stores, pick up a CD!

If you haven’t visited our web site and scrolled to the bottom of our Home Page to see the American Pride Calendars, you should!  They really are super cool and have some great American History in them!  We are happy to be affiliated with them now!

December 16, 17 and 23 we will be doing Christmas shows at The Breakers Dinner/Showroom in Panama City Beach, FL.  Be sure and get all the details to make your reservations now at  You can come for dinner and the show or just come for the show.  They do like you to make reservations though.

Don’t forget about New Year’s Eve at Holiday Inn Resort and our January Schedule also!  We have January shows in Georgia, and Apalachicola, FL.  See our Full Schedule on

You also want to go to Gulf World Marine Park’s Website at and check out their Winter Concert Series line up!  They have some really great acts coming this winter and I will, of course, be a part of the series also.  The Platters are coming back, The Return Beatles Tribute, myself and Ray Walker and many more great shows w ill all be right in the beautiful Tropical Garden Theatre at Gulf Word Marine Park in Panama City Beach, FL.  They offer ticket packages and deals also.

We do want to give a BIG Thank you to Marilyn Gibson and her family for making us the beautiful Flag afghan pictured below!  It is such a blessing to think our friends and fans take their time and spend it on us.  Words can’t express what each of our friends and fans mean to us.  We mean that.  All of you are just the best no matter what you do or don’t do for us!  But thank you Marilyn for sharing your wonderful talent to make us that beautiful flag!

God Bless and Enjoy these beautiful Holidays!

Todd and the Gang!

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